Income Opportunity

KARAOKEKASHCOM Income opportunity information will be available soon to the global community. Those registered KKC members who are productive/active will have the opportunity to become VIP member for FREE.    This promotion is available for limited time only. So Build your team quickly.

Qualifications for FREE VIP

  1. 20 verifiable active followers 
  2. Must have YouTube account and Facebook messenger account 
  3. Invited to KaraokeKashclub group

** or Give up 5 VIP Followers 

After the promotion, VIP membership will be $25 annually.


  1. No annual membership fees 
  2. Recognized as founder
  3. Free products and services 
  4. Invited to all Global Events
  5. Invited to launch program in Las Vegas
  6. Eligible for Global profit sharing 


  1. 50 qualified VIPs Followers or
  2. Min $500 founders donations

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